Details of BERA-IAA HOLI 2008 Function

BERA Indo American Association (BERA-IAA) held its annual Holi Function (the Festival of Colors) on Saturday March 22nd, 2008 starting @ 2:00 p.m. at Berkner Hall in Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). The program consisted of contributed songs, dances, instrumental music, etc.


Special request were made for contributions related to Holi, Ugadi, Vaisakhi, Phagwah, Boshonto Utsheb, and other festivals that are all celebrated during this time of the year.

All reservations to attend should be made through this link. Ticket Prices for those purchased by March 15th, 2008 are $5 for adults (over 12 years), $2 for children (3 to 12 years) and free for children under three. Ticket includes admission to cultural program at Berkner Hall auditorium and snack (Samosas and Pizzas) at recreation hall (recreation building in apartment area). Ticket prices will increase by $1 after March 15th, 2008. Tickets can be purchased through PayPal (with a link from this website) or from BERA sales office at Berkner Hall in BNL. E-mail from BERA-IAA will provide a reservation number HL-xx (a number in place of xx) and e-mail from PayPal will give a "Payment Transaction ID". Tickets are fully refundable if cancelled by March 20th, 2008.

Reservation to attend (through the link one above) must be made prior to making a request to perform. You will need a reservation number (HL-xx that you received in a mail from BERA-IAA) to make a request to perform along with the e-mail address used in making that reservation. You will receive a separate acknowledgment number (HE-xx) for each requested performance. To accommodate the maximum number of performers, group performances are given priority. Single performances will be accepted only on exceptional basis. BERA-IAA may contact you by e-mail or by phone before making a decision on your request to perform (acceptance or regret). New enhanced website now allows you to make changes in your requested event such as adding, changing or removing some performers, giving more details on the item, etc. Please use description area to give more details on the performance and comments area for message to organizers.


Photos and other details of similar events in the past (Holi and Diwali functions) are available through links from BERA-IAA website


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