I am listing below a number of e-mails that I received regarding the Diwali function on November 19, 2005. The positive sentiments, of course, apply to all those who contributed to this event (performers, teachers, parents and organizers). I am putting those e-mails here with only minor editing (primarily to remove private discussion). Some of them have my response, as well (please click on response to view a particular one). Please let me know if you want to edit more or want to remove it entirely. In addition, a number of people personally voiced their opinion on that day to me and to other members of BERA-IAA. Those verbal opinions are not included here. Thank you for taking time in providing us your feedback. An event like this is not possible without the hard work of a number of people, many we never see as they work behind the scene.


---Ramesh Gupta



Ladies and Gentlemen,


Thank you for joining us for celebrating the spirit of Diwali on November 19th, 2005. We are sincerely humbled by such a large attendance and enthusiastic response. We would give you a brief summary of attendance and funds raised, etc. later (and promise that that would be last e-mail before the next event). 


This e-mail is being sent to you to locate the person who left a digital camera behind. Please e-mail or call me at (631)344-4805. If it is not yours, please do us a favor and pass this message to those who are not in this mailing list.


We would sincerely appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Ramesh Gupta



I would like to congratulate you and all the team members for the wonderful program yesterday. It was a huge success and the kids loved it. … I  would like to thank you once again for everything and for the great organization.



It was the best Diwali function I have attended! Very well done! Thanks for considerable effort that you, your family and other colleagues put in.



Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday afternoon and evening at the Diwali festival.  I especially liked the involvement of the very young children. Watching their mothers coach them from in front of the stage was almost as much fun as watching the children. I was especially impressed by one young solo dancer toward the end of the program who danced a classical dance. Her footwork was amazing. I am looking forward to future opportunities of participating in events of your Indo-American organization that are open to non-members. Thank you for inviting me to yesterday's festival.


Werner W.Goebel.



Hello Friends,

Congratulations to all of you for arranging such a nice Diwali function.




I want to congratulate you on a Diwali Celebration function like no other before. Not only did you bring in a much larger participation, but personally for me, the most touching item was the one in which you asked Ms. Fariah to talk about Eid.

The Diwali and Eid are two happy festivals celebrated almost simultaneously by the two religious communities. It is a pity they don't do it "together" on a larger scale. You managed to do it. I hope this tradition continues in the future.

Due to very busy and hectic schedule for me in the last month, although I wanted to, I could not participate in helping with the organization. However that one act of bringing Eid and Diwali together, motivates me for extra effort in the future.

-best regards for you and your troupe.

-Cheers, Abhay



It was a very lovely program and we all enjoyed it all. If not for people like you and you team members it will be difficult for Indian people to keep their culture. We look forward to another program soon.


Thank you for all your help,


Bindu Sundaran



Congratulations Ramesh! All credit goes to your enthusiasm, encouragement and diligence in carrying out the event.


Best regards





 Let me firstly congratulate all of you for a wonderful and well attended Diwali ‘05 function. It was very well conducted and organized by Ramesh Gupta (president) and also all the volunteers! Two new ideas were implemented about the programming this year which was a mini fund raiser and having our children be MC for part of the program. We did very well with both! A big credit for this goes to Ramesh!


Thanks for making Diwali 05 a success! Happy thanks giving everyone!





I do hope that you had a wonderful night!  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work and dedication.




Thanks. Chris.  

I went to Ruth to seek her opinion on how things were returned in terms of cleanliness, etc. She was satisfied and said she would not know that so many people were here. What a relief !!! I requested not to make mess during the program and requested a lot of volunteers to stay behind to do the cleaning, etc.. Even though we are not professional in this area, I am glad we all did a reasonable job.

So long,




That is a large amount of money raised!  I'm happy that the facilities are in good condition.  Thank you!  Well done, all.




Christine B. Carter

Quality of Life/BERA/Recreation Supervisor

Brookhaven National Laboratory



The credit for the clean cafeteria goes to a few who stayed till the end to wipe the dirty dinner tables, fold tables and arrange chairs  as well as help throw away garbage. These behind the scene silent workers deserve much needed "thank you". Some of these people are not officially associated with the lab.


Sincere thanks to Praveen Pande for taking care of ticket sales for an extended period  of  time (more than 5 hours).




There was a small dialogue from Ashok Kumar in Film "Guddi" that I never forget when I see a movie or a program. There he tells that people only see stars on the screen but there are so many people who work very hard behind the scene to make this all possible. In functions such as this, we should appreciate their spirit even more because they work for free.  


-Ramesh Gupta



First of all do accept our congratulations and thanks, for putting up a great show.  Everyone enjoyed it and the dinner was good too.

Do let me know if this is what you have. Thanks again, 




Congratulations to all of us, our kids dance was very good! Lots of my friends complimented about the kids dance! Big thanks to all of u to host long but fun practice sessions. Big thanks to Manisha Bansal to take the role of dance teacher in the practice sessions. Mrunalini-Shreya did very well this time despite having no practice session with the group! And not to mention the “youngest Shriya Bansal” did marvelously at 2 ½ years of age! Wow!





Special Congratulations to you and your organizing team for organizing such a wonderful program. This year's event was really a big success I must say in terms of the attendance, program arrangement and food quality. Lot of people agreed with me. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!! Many thanks for the wonderful time we had!




Hi Ramesh,

Diwali festival was a success.

My son got disappointed. From your email, I got the impression that you

do not want American music played on piano. But there were kids who

played American music. Some girls played Christmas songs.

When is the next function? I will prepare my kids for Bhangra and dance.

Are you doing any thing for Holi?

Please let me know.






                                                                                                            November 29, 2005


Dear friends,


I could not attend the BRA-IAA Diwali function due to personal commitments, but a number of my friends told me that it was a very good and well-attended function. The people who worked hard to make it a success should be commended for their efforts. However, quite a few persons told me that they were uncomfortable with the aggressive salesmanship of Tope family in which a CD was thrust on persons near the entrance with the comments: ‘pay $31 - $101 if you like, or keep it for your enjoyment’. In my small sample, at least one person bought it under the impression that this was required for admission – I suspect that this may have happened to others as well, particularly those not familiar with the Lab. What is disconcerting is that the amount going to charities is unknown since Pritej Productions is a private organization. The amount that I heard, 10%, will surprise most of those who gave money to them.


The most important reasons for the success of our functions are the availability of the Berkner Hall and the support provided by BNL. Since the Lab aggressively pushes United Way, and takes credit for the amount raised for them, I urge the office bearers of BERA-IAA to exclusively support this organization, and not allow private, un-audited fund raising in our functions. I may point out that it is possible to give money to any preferred 501 (c) (3) approved charity through United Way by checking the appropriate box.


Thank you for your consideration.


Anand Saxena


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