BERA-IAA now has a logo. This logo has been created by Manisha Varshney in response to the contest announced during Diwali 2006.


Manisha lives in Hicksville, New York. She is a home maker. She developed interest in Arts and Crafts, specially in logo designing, while helping her daughter in her school projects. She considers it to be a very good pastime. Manisha heard about BERA-IAA logo contest when her daughters participated in BERA-IAA's Diwali function and decided to give it a try. The idea emerged in her mind while coming back from the function. Manisha created the logo graphics using MS-office & Photoshop. It was her first attempt to participate in a logo contest. She was thrilled that the selection committee liked her work and that it is going to represent BERA-IAA.

We at BERA-IAA are very fortunate to have such a good talent among us. Now that the hidden talent is revealed, we wish her all the best in creating many more such logos and other beautiful creative arts. We appreciate the willingness of Manisha to create many versions of this logo. This is a very good logo - a very thoughtful mixture of America and India. We truly got what we were looking for and we are very thankful of Manisha. Well done and congratulations.

Ramesh Gupta, President, , (631)344-4805

Sharadha Sambasivan, Secretary, , (631)580-3104

Saroj Kandasamy, Treasurer, , (631)344-7545




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