Gerhart Friedlander

Senior Chemist Emeritus

Gerhart Friedlander, former Chairman of the Chemistry Department
at Brookhaven National Laboratory (1968 to 1977)
passed away on September 6, 2009


BNL Video interview with Gerhart Friedlander  -Summer 2007

Gerhart Friedlander, a pioneer in nuclear chemistry who worked on the Manhattan Project and later chaired the chemistry department at Brookhaven National Lab
-- Newsday obituary, 9/7/2009

Gerhart Friedlander, a veteran of the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb and a pioneer of nuclear chemistry who later exploited the first particle accelerators to do major research as head of the chemistry department at Brookhaven National Laboratory.
-- The New York Times, 9/12/2009

Gerhart Friedlander Honored as Senior Chemist Emeritus


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