The GPMD experimental laboratories will relocate into newly renovated space in the historic BNL Chemistry Building in fall 2013. The major instrumentation for spectroscopy, kinetics and chemical dynamics studies includes two CW Ti:sapphire ring laser systems, several Lambda Physik excimer lasers, a Nd:Yag-pumped dye laser system, a 355 nm pumped high-resolution OPO system, numerous external-cavity diode lasers operating as tunable cw sources in the near infrared region, and a mode-locked fiber ring laser with amplifier and supercontinuum generation in the 1-2 micron region.  A commercial 1.5 micron self-referenced frequency comb and associated external cavity diode lasers are located in the Sears laboratory in the Chemistry Department of Stony Brook University. 

Vacuum chambers are equipped with pinhole or slit jet sources for molecular beams, and use laser photolysis, laser ablation, or electric discharge for the generation of chemical species of interest.  Other experiments are performed in assorted flow cells with controlled gas mixtures. 

The laboratory is equipped with an extensive collection of diagnostic and signal acquisition electronics, RF components, light detectors and optics.

Computational work is done on locally maintained Linux clusters and with access to the NERSC computing facilities at Berkeley.

Greg and Damien inspecting the lab renovation (Spring 2013)

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