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Alistair Rogers


Alistair Rogers began his research career studying the physiological, biochemical and molecular acclimation of plants to growth at elevated CO2. His research is currently focused on increasing mechanistic understanding of the physiological processes that impact plant responses to global change, and representation of that process knowledge in Earth System Models. Alistair is also interested in whole plant carbon and nitrogen interactions, source-sink balance, and the manipulation of carbon and nitrogen partitioning to improve biofuel feedstocks.


  • University of Wales, Bangor, BSc., Joint Hons. Biochemistry and Botany
  • University of Essex, Ph.D., Biology

Areas of Interest

  • Physiological, biochemical, and molecular mechanisms underlying the responses of plants to global change

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • 2009 Outstanding Mentor. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Undergraduate Research Programs.
  • 2004 Outstanding Mentor. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Undergraduate Research Programs.
  • 2002 Outstanding Mentor. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Undergraduate Research Programs.
  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Global Change Biology.
  • Member of the American Society of Plant Biologists and the Ecological Society of America.

Selected Publications

Rogers A (2014) The use and misuse of Vc,max in Earth System Models. Photosynthesis Research 119, 15-29.

Rogers A, McDonald K, Muehlbauer MF, Hoffman A, Koenig K, Newman L, Taghavi S, van der Lelie D (2012) Inoculation of hybrid poplar with the endophytic bacterium Enterobacter sp. 638 increases biomass but does not impact leaf level physiology. Global Change Biology - Bioenergy 4, 364-370.

Rogers A, Ainsworth EA, Leakey ADB (2009)  Will elevated carbon dioxide concentration amplify the benefits of nitrogen fixation in legumes? Plant Physiology 151, 1009-1016.

Ainsworth EA, Rogers A (2007) The response of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance to rising [CO2]: mechanisms and environmental interactions. Plant, Cell & Environment 30, 258-270.

Junker BH, Lonien J, Heady EH, Rogers A, Schwender J (2007) Parallel determination of enzyme activities and in vivo fluxes in Brassica napus embryos grown on organic or inorganic nitrogen source.  Phytochemistry. 68, 2232-2242.

Rogers A, Gibon Y, Stitt M, Morgan PB, Bernacchi CJ, Ort DR, Long SP (2006) Increased carbon availability at elevated carbon dioxide concentration improves nitrogen assimilation in a legume. Plant, Cell & Environment. 29, 1651-1658.

Rogers A, Allen DJ, Davey PA, Morgan PB, Ainsworth EA, Bernacchi CJ, Cornic G, Dermody O, Heaton EA, Mahoney J, Zhu X-G, DeLucia EH, Ort DR, Long SP (2004) Leaf photosynthesis and carbohydrate dynamics of soybeans grown throughout their life-cycle under Free-Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment. Plant Cell & Environment. 27, 449-458.

Rogers A, Humphries SW (2000) A mechanistic evaluation photosynthetic acclimation at elevated CO2. Global Change Biology 6, 1005-1011.