Electronic Mail Services

Below you will find information on a variety of electronic mail services provided by ITD. For information on setting up an account for these services, contact the Account Management Office.


Account Management Office


  • RSA token accounts; distributing/retrieving tokens
  • LabMail accounts on the ITD Exchange servers
  • Exchange email accounts on ITD Exchange servers
  • ITD-supplied Unix accounts
  • BNL-Domain NT accounts
  • Establishing Network Access for Brookhaven Retirees
  • More...

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Labmail is the BNL system for providing a generic e-mail address for BNL employees. This system allows people to contact registered users through an address of the form username@bnl.gov, rather than using the final destination address. The Labmail system will look up the address username@bnl.gov and determine where to forward the message. This allows employees to transparently change where they receive their mail, while maintaining the same e-mail delivery address. More...

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Email Archiving

To provide better email service ITD has implemented an email archiving solution at BNL. Email archiving will make our email servers run more efficiently and at the same time allow us to keep all of our email messages online without having to impose restrictive quota limits which can be counter-productive. More...

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Phone Directory Database

The directory database allows users to search based on last name, first name, 4-digit extension, email address and department. Fields returned include name, division, group, building, extension, pager, fax and e-mail address.

Note: If your personal Directory entry is inaccurate, contact your departmental representative.

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Microsoft Exchange Server & Outlook Web App

ITD's Microsoft Exchange Server is used for electronic messaging, including email, shared calendars, shared public folders, and more. Microsoft Outlook Web App is a Microsoft Exchange Active Server Application that gives you private access to your Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange personal e-mail account so that you can view your Inbox from any Web Browser. It also allows you to view Exchange server public folders and the Address Book from the World Wide Web. Anyone can post messages anonymously to public folders or search for users in the Address Book.

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Secure POP and IMAP Email Access

For those who are reading BNL email from home via POP or IMAP, a server called smail.bnl.gov has been set up to provide secure POP and IMAP access to the internal email servers. Secure POP or IMAP (SSL/TLS) is a method of encrypting the session between the mail client and mail server during mail retrieval. This server provides SSL POP and IMAP connections which protects your password as it is transmitted over the internet and will help close many firewall conduits to internet email servers if it proves to be stable and reliable.

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List Servers at Brookhaven

Mailman uses an easy web-based interface to manage email list request needs and is currently  the only way to subscribe to a mailing list at BNL. Listproc has been completely retired and is no longer in use.

  • About Mailman
    Click here to view information about the Mailman List Server.
  • Learning about Existing Lists
    Click here to view a listing of available public lists.
  • Establishment of New Lists
    To establish a new list, contact the ITD Helpdesk (itdhelp@bnl.gov) and supply information about the list, including the name of the list, the owner requesting it, and a short 1-line description of what the list will be used for. Please also specify if the lists should be publicly available or not.
  • Subscribing or Unsubscribing
    Usually, individuals should and do enter their own subscribe and unsubscribe requests, but list owners can perform these and other actions on their subscribers' behalf. View the available public list and click on any list name for more information about the list, and links to subscribe/unsubscribe. Your subscription request may be held for review by a moderator.
  • Sending Mail & Other Mailing List Functions
    Sending mail to subscribers of a mailing list is done simply by addressing your mail to the list. More detailed information on that and other list functions is available.
  • Having Trouble?
    If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact itdhelp@bnl.gov.

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Fighting SPAM at BrookhavenFight SPAM

The SMTP gateway systems, through which most of BNL email is sent and received, are configured with Mailscanner with Spamassassin for anti-spam, and f-prot for anti-virus.

Fight Spam on the Internet
You have probably seen an increase in the amount of "junk mail" which shows up in your email box, or on your favorite newsgroup. The activities of a small number of people are becoming a bigger problem for the Internet. Help fight spam to keep the Internet useful for everyone.

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