Scientific Computing

Providing computational needs for Brookhaven

The Scientific Computing Support Section of ITD is comprised of four groups; Visualization and Data Analysis, Emerging Software Technologies, Brookhaven Computing Facility, and Programmatic Support. Together they provide a variety of resources to meet the computational needs of the Brookhaven research program. One major objective is to support the Laboratory's Computational Science Center, which is the primary organization for research in computational science. The Section also has numerous points of interaction with the RHIC Computing Facility and the BNL Riken Research Center.

Visualization And Data Analysis

The primary function of the Group is to support the visualization of scientific data at Brookhaven National Laboratory. However, we do provide some other capabilities which are built upon our basic resource of a computer driven projection system and viewing theatre. The heart of our physical plant consists of three rooms which house the theatre, projection and computer rooms. These rooms are located in the Information Technology Division (Building 515). More...

Computational Science Center

The purpose of the CSC is to provide computational science capabilities through the use of powerful, state-of-the-art computers for researchers in biology, chemistry, physics, applied mathematics, medicine, and nanoscience Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, the Center features Large Linux clusters and two QCDOC computers with with 12,288 processors each. More...

Brookhaven Computing Facility

The mission of BCF is to provide a modern, cost-effective, centralized computing and network infrastructure to the Laboratory's scientific and technical programs. More...

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