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Setting up FrontPage to View Your Development Site

Your web account must be setup before you can proceed. Below are the instructions for FrontPage 2000 for users running Windows 98/NT, Windows 2000/XP may look slightly different, but the steps are the same. FrontPage 2002/2003, will look slightly different, but the steps are the same as well.

Step 1

Name of Server: dev or Dev3

  • Open FrontPage
  • <File><Open Web> a window should appear

  • Click <Web Folders>
  • In <Folder Name> field:
    type < ><Open>
  • Your website shortcut has now been setup and you are ready to start developing your site.

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Step 2

Use the procedures below if step 1 does not work for you…

  • Open <My Computer><Web Folders> for Win98/NT or click on
    <My Network Places> on your desktop for Win2000/XP

  • Click <Add Web Folder> for Win98/NT or
    <Add Network Place> for Win2000/XP

  • A window should appear, type or paste your web location in field provided
    < ><Next>

  •  Type the name of your shortcut to your development website
  • <Finish>

Side Note: You may use this shortcut to upload local files to your
development site in the future.

If you have a question that is not addressed in these pages, please send an email to

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Last Modified: February 1, 2008