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Applications Services

Web Design Software

This page lists web helper software that many may find of interest. We have been using these simple programs for years and find them very useful. Some may have a small registration fee and its worth it.
[click here]

Plugins, Viewers, and Other Tools

Tools that are available from this page include Plug-ins, Viewers, Other Tools, and access to the latest version of two Web browsers. [click here]

Software and Server Update Information

This section will list web locations where users can find updates and technical information for Microsoft products.

Web Authoring Help

Setup and help files for various web based applications.
This list will continually be updated...

How do I setup a new website?
How do I get my website published?
File Naming Conventions & Directory Structure
How do I stop a web page from being published?
What are Subwebs and why do we use them at BNL?
Accessing the Development Server
What are Server Side Includes?
BNL Standard Web Template Usage Guide
What are Web Page Steering Scripts?
What is ASP?

How can I optimize images for the web?
Hyperlinks in Email Messages Don't Work
How can I optimize my pages to be found by search engines?
My website is not being indexed properly, why?
How do I add the Privacy Statement to my web page?
When do I need to use the Privacy Statement?
Copyright Guidelines

Shared Directory Setup
Use of ASCII symbols
IE Security Settings: User Authentication | Intranet Zone
Setting up or using Secure Socket Layer - SSL
Can I use "Cookies" on my website?
Cookies: Frequently Asked Questions
Setting Up Form Field Counters
HTML Encoding of Foreign Language Characters

Welcome to the MSDN Library - The MSDN Library is an essential resource for developers using Microsoft tools, products, and technologies. It contains a bounty of technical programming information, including sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides.

Want to get the latest MSDN headlines sent to you via e-mail? Sign up for the MSDN Flash Newsletter.

Microsoft FrontPage Tips and Tricks - Useful tricks and shortcuts for FrontPage tasks. The links on this page will bring you to tips for FrontPage version 2002 and little-known or hard-to-find features and tips for FrontPage 2000.


Setup and trouble-shooting procedures for various web based applications.
This list will continually be updated...

Setting up FrontPage
  - Don't Publish My Web Page(s)
  - FrontPage Resource Centre
  - Setting up Web Form Properties Using the FrontPage Wizard
  - Working with FrontPage: 2003 | 2002 | 2000
  - Troubleshooting Web Folders - not having the option to create or
    browse web folders in FrontPage.

Blank PDF Pages in Browser
Form data disappears when I use my "Back" button
Setting up Microsoft Query
Setting up Dreamweaver
How to disable or enable Javascript in my browser
Installing RealPlayer Client

How to disable/enable the Image Toolbar & Automatic Image Resizing Feature in Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft Help Center - Useful tricks and shortcuts for Microsoft Products:

If you have a question that is not addressed in these pages, please send an email to

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Last Modified: March 20, 2009