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IE Security Settings

User Authentication

Users may find themselves locked out of web pages that they were able to get into at one time.

  • Always reboot you computer after you change your domain password. Your new credentials will not take effect until you reboot. Re-try the web pages after you reboot before reading on...
  • Another possible reason to look at is how your browser's User Authentication setting is set. If you are changing your domain password on a regular basis and also having your browser save the same password as well, this may be your problem.

Use the screen captured images below to check your User Authentication settings.

  1. In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
  2. On the Security tab, click the Internet picture.
  3. Click the Custom Level button.

The browser password file does not know when you change your domain password.
By default, the User Authentication settings is set to "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone".

  1. Scroll down to the User Authentication section.

  1. Click (enable) the "Prompt for user name and password".

  1. Click Ok

  1. Click Yes
  2. Click, OK
  3. That's it...

Try your web page:

  1. Go back to the web page you are having problems with and try to access the page.
  2. You should get a logon box.
  3. Put in your current and correct domain logon information.
  4. You should hopefully get in at this point, if not please contact the ITD helpdesk for assistanceby calling x5522 or send an email to
  5. If this fixes your problem, be sure to follow this procedure every time you change your domain password.

    If you do not want the logon box to be prompted, then go back and select "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone" instead of "Prompt for user name and password" by following the steps above.

Setting up your Intranet Zone:

This is another good practice to do, assuming you haven't already done so...

Intranet Zone Setup

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Last Modified: February 1, 2008