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Setting up MS Query

To use MS Query to Access the SQL Server, you need to setup an ODBC data connection. and your PC must also be setup to log into the BNL Domain.

Create Desktop Shortcut

If you have never used this application before, do a file search...

  •  [Start]
  •  Find\Search Files or Folders
  • Search For: MSQRY32.EXE

    After finding the file, make a shortcut to find it later.

Create New Database Query

  • Open MS Query
  • [File][New]
  • Select [Databases] tab
  • Uncheck [Use the Query Wizard to create...]
  • Find and select your Database ODBC Connection, then press [Ok]
  • Find and select your table or view, [Add][Close]
  • Double-click the fields you want or click "*" for all fields, then [Save] query

Open Database Query

  • Open MS Query
  • [File][Open]
  • Select saved query
  • Click red "X" in the upper right-hand corner to close query

Manage Records

  • Open Database Query
  • Select [Records][Allow Editing] to enable editing
      - Only users with special database roles and select, update or delete records
  • When finished managing records, remove Allow Editing feature
      - Select [Records][Allow Editing] to disable editing
  • Click red "X" in the upper right-hand corner to close query

If you do not have MS Query installed on your computer, have your system admin install it or contact the ITD Helpdesk for assistance. This program can be found on your Microsoft Office installation disk.

The procedure below maybe different on Windows 2000 or XP, but the principles are the same. Your system admin or ITD's Deskside Support should know how to do this.

  • Insert Microsoft Office installation disk.
  • Find your "Add/Remove Programs" in your control panel.
  • Find Microsoft Office and run the application to update or change programs in the office package.
  • Find [Office Tools][Microsoft Query] and install the application onto your hard drive.
  • Follow the "Create Desktop Shortcut" procedure above to find file on your system.

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Last Modified: October 13, 2008