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Privacy Statement Usage:

The following information about the use of the Privacy Statement was received from DOE HQ by email (7/5/2001). The Privacy Statement should be on all pages that meet the following "criteria", although it is somewhat subjective:

  • Home Pages
  • Major Entrances or major subsections
  • Pages that tend to be "advertised" to the public
  • Generally 2 or three tiers down is a good rule of thumb, but obviously won't work for all sites.

Linking to the BNL Privacy Statement:

When do I need to use the Privacy Statement?

If your web pages are being hosted by ITD's Microsoft IIS (windows type) web servers, the hyper-link to the BNL Privacy Statement  is automatically appended to the bottom of every web page being served from that machine. In most cases the web authors will not have to worry about adding this link. 

The only exception to the rule:

Sometimes this banner option may conflict with certain html code running on web pages (ex. code running outside the </html> tag). In this case the banner option can be removed from the entire website or from a specific web folder where this feature is conflicting with the web page code. Once this banner option is removed, it's the web author's responsibility to make sure their the web pages meet the Privacy Statement "criteria".

Setting up the hyper-link to the privacy statement

Option One:
Highlight the link below with your mouse then copy and paste this link to the bottom of your web page (assuming your using a graphical type web page editor - FrontPage or Dreamweaver).

Privacy and Security Notice

Option Two:
Insert the html code shown below into your web page, just before your </body> (end body) tag using a text editor.

----------- copy the code between the lines ---------

<a href=""><font face="Verdana" size="2">Privacy and Security Notice</font></a>

----------- copy the code between the lines ---------


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Last Modified: February 1, 2008