Setting up a Website on a BNL Web Server

  1. Get proper authorization to start a new website for your organization, i.e., permission from someone in authority in your directorate, division, or group.
  2. To get "Author" access to these servers, you MUST have a BNL Domain Account
    (What is a domain account?)
  3. If you plan to create web pages from an offsite (non-BNL) location, you will also need to setup an get a Cryptocard.
  4. Email www@bnl.gov to request setup of your website.

Your email must state the following:
Cut and paste the text below into your email message and make the proper corrections.

------ cut here ------

  • I, [Your Name] am a [BNL employee/authorized guest]
  • My extension is [x####]
  • My email address is [email]
  • My department is [department]
  • I am requesting a website on the following server(s):
    internal to BNL only - live pages, no publishing, windows platform
    publishes to the public domain: www.bnl.gov
    both windows platform
    public domain - UNIX platform
  • The webfolder name I would like to use is, see example below:
    Name of folder: [dev.bnl.gov/something]
    Name of folder: [www2.bnl.gov/something]
  • I will be authoring the web pages using [FrontPage 2003] (Note: the latest version of Frontpage is the recommended software, though other editors may be used if a
  • I [will/will not] be transferring web pages from an existing site
  • I have a computer account in the following domain:

    [domain name\user name, e.g., BNL\jdoe]
    This is the same "domain\user name" you are using to log into Outlook.
  • I am operating on the following platform: [indicate Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Mac]

------ cut here ------

Once the websites are setup, you will be notified by email and can begin developing your web pages. 

Please note that you will be developing your web pages on dev3.bnl.gov (Windows IIS) or www2.bnl.gov (UNIX) if the pages are for the public domain or intranet.bnl.gov if the pages are for BNL eyes only.

To have your development website (dev.bnl.gov) published to the Windows IIS Production Server, send email to www@bnl.gov ( preferred method ), or call the Enterprise Service Desk ( helpdesk ) atx5522  to open a Service Call ticket, which will then be forwarded to us. Users working on intranet.bnl.gov or www2.bnl.gov will be able to work on live web pages and publish these pages by themselves. When logging into our web servers, be sure you are either logged in to the BNL domain or you may have to enter your user ID as BNL\[your user ID].

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Last Modified: February 1, 2008