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Setting up Web Form Properties Using the FrontPage Wizard

This help page is intended to provide additional support for authors who already have a working knowledge in FrontPage and using this Forms Wizard.

Sending your results to an EMAIL ADDRESS - In order If this is the first time using this feature, make sure your website has been setup as an application web on the ITD webserver. If it wasn't setup, then this web form application may not send email. Please contact the ITD Helpdesk at ( x5522 ) or send an email to if you experience any problems or have additional questions.

  1. Right-Mouse click inside the web form box (dashed area).
  2. Select the < Form Properties >.

  1. Insert your email address in the < E-mail address > field.
  2. Insert your form name in the < Form name > field.
  3. Press the < Options > button.

  1. Select the < E-mail Results > tab
  2. Your previous inserted email address should already be filled into the
    < E-mail address... > field.
  3. It's better to leave the < Email format > as "Formatted text" and leave the "Include field names" selected. Using "Formatted text" assures that the recipient will be able to open and read the email correctly.
  4. Insert your < Subject Line > title and uncheck the "Form field name". This field will put your subject title in the subject line of your email.
  5. Insert your < Reply-to line > email address and uncheck the "Form field name". In most cases, it's the email address where the results will be sent to.
    Since this email is coming from ITD's webserver it will have < > in the < From: > field of the email. WE DO NOT WANT PEOPLE SENDING REPLIES TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS, so please make sure you fill out the
    < Reply-to line > email address correctly.

  1. The < Confirmation Page > Tab - by default, you will get the plain generic Microsoft FrontPage confirmation web page. Select this tab if you want to point to a custom confirmation web page you have made.
  2. Select the < Save Fields > tab.
  3. It's nice to have some extra information collected by your form, like: the date, time, username, and remote computer name. This information is always good to have.

  1. Press < OK > when finished.
  2. Press the < Advanced... > button.

  1. We need to "Add" a hidden field in this form to warn people who receive this email NOT to send replies to < >.
  2. Press the < Add... > button.

  1. Name: Type - < Please_Note >
    Value: "insert line below into this field"
    Do not sent reply to, this email was forwarded from the ITD webserver.
  1. Press < OK > when finished.
  2. The "Advanced Form Properties" Window should show the new entry
    ( see below ).

  21. Press < OK > when finished.

  1. Press < OK > when finished.
  2. Test your form...

If everything was filled out correctly and the form still does not work, then your website may not be setup as an application web on the ITD webserver. Please contact the ITD Helpdesk at ( x5522 ) or send an email to and have them look into this issue.

That's It!

If you have a question that is not addressed in these pages, please send an email to


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Last Modified: February 1, 2008