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Web Services

Plug-ins, Viewers, and Other Tools

Tools that are available from this page include Plugins, Viewers, Other Tools, and access to the latest version of two Web browsers.

When you access a files on BNL's Web site you may need to download a tool to view or use certain files. In some cases web authors may use one of the Plug-in or Viewer icons listed below to warn users that they may require one of these tools. Next to each icon in the table below is the name and purpose of the tool represented by the icon. Select the name of the tool you wish to download in order to reach the vendor's instruction page. Follow their instructions for downloading.

The links within the table on this page will take you away from the BNL Web site to another Web site. In most cases, you can return to the BNL site by using the back button on your browser's tool bar. If you repeatedly use the BNL page you are exiting, you may want to bookmark the page before you exit.


PDF Icon Adobe Acrobat Reader - used to read and print Portable Document Format files (PDF) on all major platforms.
Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader - enables you to read high-fidelity eBooks on your notebook or desktop computer. ( Demo )

If you have problems reading PDF's online, please refer to our PDF Online Help Section.
lace all text and images inside this space.
RealNetworks Media Streaming Player icon RealPlayer - used to view video and to hear audio files in Windows or Macintosh platforms.
Custom BNL RealPlayer Client for Windows
Download RealPlayer for Unix & Linux
Download RealPlayer for Macintosh for OS X | Mac OS 8 and 9.X
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)
FireFox (Windows\Unix\Mac)
Netscape (Windows\Linux)
Safari (Windows\Mac)
Microsoft Office Application icon Microsoft Download Center - used to obtain the viewer for MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or MS Excel. Select which product you wish to download and make sure that you have checked the Converter and View box.
Other Tools
PKWARE - Free Unzip and Decrypt Utility for Windows ( homepage )
WS_FTP Pro - Windows-based FTP (file transfer protocol) client software. It enables users to move files between local and remote systems.
CuteFTP - Windows-based FTP (file transfer protocol) client software. It enables users to move files between local and remote systems.
zip icon WinZip Archive Utility for Windows - allows for the compression or decompression of files.

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