Renovate Science Labs - Phase II

RSL Before and AfterBrookhaven National Laboratory is a multi-program national laboratory supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and situated in eastern Long Island, New York, with research missions in the physical sciences, energy sciences, and life sciences. Brookhaven’s wide range of research places significant demands on premium laboratory space. In addition to their current uses, these spaces will have to support future research efforts.

The “Renovate Science Labs – Phase II” project, the second major renovation project funded by DOE’s Science Laboratory Infrastructure Program, will upgrade existing older and unsuitable laboratory facilities into modern, efficient laboratory space, compatible with world-class scientific research. Laboratories located in the west wing of the Chemistry building (Bldg. 555), and the three-story wing of the Physics building (Bldg. 510), are included in the phase II renovation. Exacting laboratory environmental conditions are required to meet advanced instrumentation requirements and rapidly changing research technologies in basic energy sciences, nuclear physics and high-energy physics.

The scope of the refurbishment will include HVAC systems, electrical upgrades, lighting system upgrades, plumbing modifications, laboratory services, and support-area renovation. The work will also include life-safety systems improvements and modifications to meet current ADA standards. The project will incorporate the federal government’s Guiding Principles in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings to the maximum extent possible. A heavy emphasis will be placed on optimizing energy performance and efficiency, resource reuse, and construction-waste recycling. The renovated laboratory space will be used by research teams from multiple science programs currently occupying the Chemistry and Physics buildings.


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