Renovate Science Laboratories - Phase I

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is a multi-program laboratory situated in eastern, Long Island, New York, conducting research in basic and applied science. The multitude of mission’s places significant demands on premium laboratory space and in addition to these current mission requirements, these laboratories will have to support future research efforts in fields such as nanoscience and biotechnology.

This “Renovate Science Laboratories – Phase I” project will upgrade existing older and unsuitable laboratory facilities into modern, efficient laboratory space compatible with world-class scientific research. Laboratories located in the East-Wing of Building 480 – Material Science Building and the D-Wing of Building 815 – Multi-program Lab/Office Building are scheduled for renovation.

The scope of the refurbishment will include HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing, laboratory services, support and work areas, and architectural surface upgrades. The renovated laboratories will be utilized by collaborative research teams from multiple science programs and modular laboratory equipment will be utilized wherever possible to provide maximum laboratory flexibility allowing for re-use at lower cost.


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