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Data Management at NSLS

Users of the NSLS are responsible for meeting their Data Management obligations to their home institutions and granting agencies. Other than the beamline control computer(s), the NSLS does not provide specific resources to manage the data that is generated through user experiments. Since the NSLS does not have a data archiving service or staff to manage the data, the user must generally copy data to their own storage systems.

The NSLS facility provides IT infrastructure such as networks and computers at the beamlines located on the NSLS experimental floor. The NSLS facility also has IT staff available through the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) Information Technology (IT) organization to provide assistance regarding specific questions or issues related to computing or data management.General information about the available computing services can be found on the Photon Sciences web site.

Individual beamlines may have specific resources and data management practices to help users meet their data management needs and obligations.  Users should consult beamline staff when formulating data management plans and strategies. The list of beamlines and their spokespersons is also found on the Photon Sciences web site.

If you have questions, please contact the Photon Sciences User Administrator, at