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RHIC Spin Collaboration Meeting XXII - February 27, 2004


BNL CAD Department, Bldg. 1005 ~ Third Floor Conference Room ~ 9:00-5:00pm 

Bridge Line:  631-344-6363 
VRVS:  Community = ASTRO   Virtual Room = CenA


9:00     Welcome and Coffee
9:15     Machine Status & Update, Wolfram Fischer
9:45     Updates on New Working Points & Beam Beam Tune Shift / Spread
            Rogelio Tomas
10:15   Source Update and Plan, Anatoli Zelenski
10:45   Coffee Break
11:00   Jet Commissioning Scenarios, Yousef Makdisi
11:30   First Results on Polarization Dilution Measurements in the Polarized H-jet,
            Anatoli Zelenski
12:00   Lunch
14:00   Revised AGS Commissioning Plan, Haixin Huang
14:30   More Detailed RHIC Commissioning Plan, Mei Bai
15:00   Coffee Break
15:15   Updates from Experiments
             STAR, Stephen Trentalange
             PHENIX, Abhay Deshpande
16:15   Discussions on FY04 Physics Data Taking within 5 Weeks & Beyond & AOB

ALL speakers please send talks in advance to   thank you.

Next Meeting:  tentative date:  Friday, March 19, 2004 

Topics to be discussed:
News from AGS Commissioning, H. Huang  
"Final" Result from RHIC pC CNI, O. Jinnouchi
CNI Polarimeter Update, J. Wood
Test results of new RHIC snake quence protection, TBA
Update from Experiments - pp2pp, TBA
New Calculation on Jet, W. Vogelsang

organizer:  Akio Ogawa

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