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RHIC Spin Collaboration Meeting XXVII - Thursday, July 22, 2004

Location: BNL Physics Department, Small Seminar Room, 1pm-5pm 

Bridge Line:  631-344-8383 from off-site, x-8383 from on-site

VRVS:  Astro/CenA

ALL Speakers please send talks in advance to Tammy (

Preliminary Agenda: 

RHIC pp FY05 Run Preparation - M. Bai

AGS Cold Snake Status - W. MacKay

RUN5 BUR & plans beyond RUN5
     PHENIX Plan - A. Deshpande
     Star Plan - B. Surrow

     G. Bunce
     A. Nass
     A. Zelenski

Gas-Jet & CNI Polarimeter Updates - A. Bravar et. al.

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