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RHIC Spin Collaboration Meeting XXIX 
October 8 & 9, 2004 ~ Torino, Italy


Most talks are 20min + 10min (discussions) unless specified otherwise.
There are 3 discussion sessions, each ~30mins and led by 2 "discussion leaders".

October 8 (Friday)

***Opening Session (chair A. Ogawa)
09:00-09:10     Welcome, M. Anselmino
09:10-09:50     RHIC Status & Plans (30+10min), M. Bai
09:50-10:20     Gas-jet Target Polarimeter, A. Zelinsky
10:20-10:50     Pol Beam at COSY and HESR, A. Lehrach
***coffee break***

*** 11:00 Elastic Scattering (chair Y. Makdisi)
11:00-11:30     pp Polarimeter   (backup), H. Okada
11:30-12:00     pp2pp, I. Alekseev
12:00-12:30     pC Polarimeter, O. Jinnouchi
13:30-14:00     Theory, L. Trueman
14:00-14:30     Spin Dynamics for High Energy Protons, N. Buttimore
14:30-15:00     Discussions led by E. Leader & Y. Makdisi
***coffee break***

***Transverse Spin (chair M. Anselmino)
15:15-15:45     HERMES, R. Seidl
15:45-16:00     Short Comment on the HERMES Transversal Spin Asymmetries (15 mins), A. Efremov
16:00-16:15     Disentangling of the Sources of Transverse Spin Asymmetries (15 mins), O. Teryaev
16:15-16:45     Suppression of Collins Mechanism for SSA in $p^„uparrow p „to „pi X$, U. D'Alesio
16:45-17:15     PHENIX A_N, Y. Makdisi
17:15-17:45     STAR A_N from Forward pi0, A. Ogawa

20:00  Meeting Dinner at "Trattoria del Cardo Gobbo" (Piemontese Cuisine)

October 9 (Saturday)

***Transverse Spin (continuned) (chair M. Anselmino)
09:00-09:30     Transversity Properties of Quarks and Hadrons in SIDIS and Drell Yan, L. Gamberg
09:30-09:45     A_N in D Production and Sivers Gluon pdf at RHIC (15 mins), M. Boglione
09:45-10:00     A Critique of the Angular Momentum Sum Rules and a New Angular Momentum Sum Rule (15 mins), E. Leader
10:00-10:30     Discussions led by M. Anelmino & L. Bland
***coffee break***

***Longitudinal Spin (chair A. Deshpande)
10:50-11:20     HERMES, D. Hasch
11:20-11:40     LEPTO and Polarized SIDIS (15+5mins), A. Kotzinian
11:40-12:10     Spin Asymmetries for high-pt Pions and Jets, M. Stratmann
13:15-13:45     PHENIX pi0 A_LL, A. Bazilevsky
13:45-14:05     PHENIX direct photon xsection (15+5min), K. Okada
14:05-14:35     Longitudinal Progress at STAR, J. Sowinski
14:35-14:55     STAR jet algorithms (15+5min), M. Miller
14:55-15:25     Discussions led by A. Deshpande & W Vogelsang (additional slides)
***coffee break***

***Upgrades (chair K. Imai) (all talks in this session are 15+5mins)
15:40-16:00     PHENIX forward upgrade, K. Barish
16:00-16:20     PHENIX tracking upgrade, Y. Goto
16:20-16:40     STAR forward tracking upgrade, M. Miller
16:40-17:00     STAR foward calorimetory upgrade, L. Bland

Meeting adjourns.


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