PHYSICS DEPARTMENT
APRIL 27 - 29, 1998
Monday, Morning, Anril 27
- Aki Yokosawa]
 09:00 Welcome from the RIKEN BNL Center (Larry Trueman)
            Workshop Introduction from Organizing Committee (Gerry Bunce)
09: 15 RHIC Spin Collider - Physics of Accelerating Polarized Protons and Plans (Thomas Roser)
 09:45 RHIC Progress and Schedule (Mike Harrison)
Beginning of 1.5 Day Mini- Workshop on Gluons at RHIC
10:30 Introduction to Mini-Workshop on Gluons (Naohito Saito)
Un polarized Gluons - What Do We Know?
10:45 Unpolarized Gluon Distribution Uncertainties and Direct Photon Measurements (Steve Kuhlmann)
11:30 Resummation and Intrinsic p_T (George Sterman)

 Monday, Afternoon, Anril 27
[Chair - Naohito Saito]
Polarized Gluons
02:00 Experimental Information from DIS (Toshiaki Shibata)
02:30 Bremsstrahlung Model of Gluon Polarization (Dennis Sivers)
03:00 How to Extract Gluon Polarization Using RHIC Probes - A Critical Analysis (Jacques Soffer)
                            RHICProbes of the Gluon
04:00 Direct Photon at STAR (Steve Vigdor)
04:20 Direct Photon at Phenix (Yuji Goto)
04:40 Jets - STAR (Steve Heppelmann)
05:00 Jets - Phenix (Guanghua Xu)
05:20 Open Charm - PHENIX (Melynda Brooks)
05:40 J/psi - Phenix (Naoki Hayashi) .
Monday, Evening, Anril 27
[Chair. George Igo]
                              Polarimetry at RHIC
07:30 Introduction (YousefMakdisi)
                                                           08:00 RHIC Pion Polarimeter (Hal Spinka)                                                                    08:20 Ion Polarimetry Issues (Igor Alekseev)
08:40 Polarimetry with pp Elastic Scattering at t=1 (Vadim Kanavets)
09:00 A CNI Polarimeter for RHIC (Kenichi Imai)                                                       09:20 p+C CNI Polarimeter (Douglas Fields)                                                               09:40 Luminosity Issues (Dave Underwood)
10:00 Polarized Target Proposal and Status (Aldo Penzo)                                                 

Tuesday, Morning, Anril 28
[Chair. Bob Jaffe]
                              Mini- Workshop on Gluons, continued
09:00 Gauge Invariant Quark and Gluon Angular Momentum Distributions (Sergei Bashinsky)
 09:30 Physics Limitations from the Detector - STAR (Dave Underwood)
 10:00 Uncertainties in Measurement (Akio Ogawa and Yuji Goto)
                              Uncertainties in Interpretation
11 :00 Next to Leading Order and Parton Spin Distributions (Basim Kamal)
11 :30 Heavy Flavor (Andy Contogouris)
12:00 ep Spin Physics Future
- HERA (Albert de Roeck)
12:30 Discussion - Open Questions for Gluon Measurements at RHIC (Naohito Saito)
End of 1.5 Day Mini- Workshop on Gluons at RHIC

Tuesday, Afternoon, Anril 28
[Chair - Thomas Roser]
Accelerator Spin Issues and Preparation
02:00 Introduction - Plans and Schedule (Mike Syphers, Project Manager)
02:20 AGS rf Dipole Experiment (Mei Bai)
02:40 How Do We Reach 70% Polarization? (Haixin Huang)
03:00 Siberian Snake Magnet Construction (Eric Willen)                                                  03:30 Polarized Protons Accelerations in HERA (Vladimir Anferov) 
05:00 Tour of RHIC, Star and Phenix
07:30 Dinner- Paula Jean's Supper Club, EastSetauket-Eli Yamin Jazz Trio

Wednesday, Morning, Anril 29
[Chair - MikeTannenbaum]
09:00 Polarized Neutrons at RHIC (Ernest Courant)                                                       09: 15 End of Accelerator Session
Quark and Anti-Quark Polarization at RHIC - W Production
09:20 STAR (Leslie Bland)
09:40 Phenix (Naohito Saito)
                              Parity Violation Searches at RHIC
10:00 Sensitivity to New Physics (Jean-Marc Virey)
10:30 STAR Parity Violation Search with Jets (Geary Eppley)                                      11 :00 Could Large CP and/or T -violating Asymmetries be Detected in Polarized Proton Collisions at RHIC? (Vladimir Rykov)
11:15 The Usefulness of Positivity in Spin Physics (Jacques Soffer)
                              Transversity                                                                                            11 :30 Drell- Yan at RHIC (Werner Vogelsang)
12:00 Studies of Transversity Distribution at RHIC (Shunzo Kumano)
12:30 Probing Transversity with 2 Pions at RHIC (Jian Tang)

Wednesday, Afternoon, Anril 29
[Chair - Jacques Soffer]
02:00 Polarized Lambda Production in pp, Measurement of Polarized Fragmentation Functions (Daniel de Florian) Single Transverse Spin - high p _T - at RHIC
02:30 Single Spin Asymmetries and Higher Twist (George Sterman)
03:00 The Brahms Experiment and Spin (Flemming Videbaek)
                              Small Angle Scattering and Transverse Spin
03:30 Bounds on Helicity Amplitudes at Low Momentum Transfer (Nigel Buttimor 04:00 The Odderon and Spin Dependence of pp Elastic Scattering (Larry Trueman)
04:20 The pp2pp Experiment (Wlodek Guryn)                                                            04:45 Feasibility of DIS (Polarized ep Collider) at RHIC (George Igo)
05:15 Workshop Ends