Infrared Microscpe Systems (Optical Layout)

bulletBruker 66v/S vacuum FTIR
Frequency Range: 10-10000 cm-1 
Resolution: 1 cm-1 
Detectors: MCT-A (mid-IR), SiB / Si bolometer (far-IR) / DTGS-FIR (D201) 
Software: OPUS NT 4.0 Version
bulletBruker IRscope II
Frequency Range: 200-10000 cm-1 
Resolution: 1 cm-1 
Detectors: MCT-A, SiB / Si bolometer (far-IR), DTGS-FIR (D201), Silicon Diode (visible)   
Software: OPUS NT 4.0 Version
bulletCustom IR microscope 

Long working distance (40 mm) that can be used for near- to mid-IR absorption and reflectivity measurements with diamond cells inside cryostats and furnaces (to above 200 GPa).  


Custom vacuum IR microscope

Near- to Far-IR vacuum microscope for routine high-pressure (diamond-cell) spectroscopy and microspectroscopy.


Raman/Fluorescence Microscope System (Optical Layout)

bulletVisible Spectrograph

Frequency Range: 0 - 1300 nm mechanical range (300 and 1500g/mm gratings)
Measurable spectral range: 400 nm - 1.06 micron
Resolution: 0.03 nm 


Coherent Innova 90 plus Argon ion laser
Total power: 6 watts at multi-line visible
Single line from 514.5 nm to 454.5 nm 

Coherent Titanium-Sapphire Tunable Laser
Tuning Range:  SW/MW optic set: 700 - 930 nm
Pump Power:  Innova 90 Plus at 6 watts multi-line visible
Output Peak Power:  725 mW


Data acquisition:  Pentium III, 350 MHz computer running Windows 2000 professional; 3.5" floppy drive; 100 MB Zip drive; Laser Jet 2100TN printer


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