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X17B3, together with X17C, are the diamond-anvil cell facilities for x-ray diffraction at the National Synchrotron Light Source.

The X17B3 hutch has focused high-energy monochromatic beam and white radiation up to 100 keV, for both angle-dispersive and energy dispersive x-ray studies. The hutch is larger than that of X17C and provides complementary capabilities that are not feasible in the restrictive X17C space. X-ray studies of Earth materials can be performed at cryogenic temperatures (in liquid helium cryostat to 4 K) and along the entire geotherm from the crust to the core using double-sided laser-heating equipment for high temperatures up to 4000K.

X17B3 is managed by University of Chicago. It is funded by the National Science Foundation through COMPRES, (Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences). 

 Good news: COMPRES provides limited financial support to earth science userís just for dormitory accommodation!      [send email to qguo@bnl.gov for the details]



* Beam line parameters:


X-ray energy range: 5 - 100 keV , MCA set at 5 - 80 keV

Wiggler magnetic field B: 4.2 T at 2.8 GeV

Beam dimension: 1 mm x 1 mm - 0.02 mm x 0.02 mm

Diffraction 2q angle: 1 to 15 degree


Monochromatic beam energy can be 20 - 80 keV.  (wavelength 0.62 - 0.15Ň)

Beam dimension: 0.2 mm x 0.2   - 0.02 mm x 0.02mm

Sample to detector distance:200 mm - 500 mm  

Photon flux is 6x108 photons/s (1012 ph/s/mm2) at 30 keV, divergence is 1 mrad by 1 mrad.  Energy bandwidth is 10-4 dE/E..       


Laser Heating


Laser System Characteristics

Laser Type




Maximum Power of Energy/Pulse


Pulse Length

Repetition Rate







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* Beam time application:

      Beam time application:  Submitting proposal and beam time requesting are through NSLS PASS system. There are 3 cycles of beam time in a year.

      Application deadline: Jan - April  is Sept. 30; May - August is Jan. 31; Sept - Nov is May 31.

*Beam line faculty

    Spokesperson: Mark Rivers,  University of Chicago,

                             (630)252-0422, rivers@cars.uchicago.edu

 Local contact person: Quanzhong Guo,  University of Chicago,

Local contact person: Jingzhu Hu,   University of Chicago,


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