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X17C is a superconducting wiggler white x-ray beam line. It is dedicated to high pressure diamond anvil cell research. The energy dispersive x-ray diffraction (EDXD) technique is used. The principle is based on the Bragg relation, which can be expressed as:

                                E (keV) = 6.1993 / d () sin q

 Since 2003 X17C has developed angle dispersive x-ray diffraction (ADXD) with a Sagitally bent Laue monochromator. The monochromatic beam energy range can be from 20 keV to 40 keV. The detector is Fuji image plate.

 X17C is a facility beam line at the NSLS of BNL. It is running by The University of Chicago. It is funded by NSF of US through COMPRES (COnsortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences).

 Good news : COMPRES provides limited funds to support Earth science users dormitory accommodation

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5. Beam time application

      Beam time application:  Submitting proposal and beam time requesting are through NSLS PASS system. There are 3 cycles of beam time in a year.

      Application deadline: Jan - April  is Sept. 30; May - August is Jan. 31; Sept - Nov is May 31.

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7. Beam line faculty

    Spokesperson: Mark Rivers, The University of Chicago,

                             (630)252-0422, rivers@cars.uchicago.edu

    Local contact person: Jingzhu Hu, The University of Chicago,
                              (631)344-5343, jzhu@bnl.gov

    Local contact person: Quanzhong Guo, The University of Chicago ,
                              (631)344-5343, qguo@bnl.gov

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