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Download IDL Programs

Here I'll make versions of our data processing IDL programs available for everyone and list the dates of the most recent modification. The easiest thing to do is once you've installed IDL create a subdirectory called X26A and make sure that IDL knows where it is (File->Preferences->Path->Add). Put these files in that directory.

Since the release of IDL 6.0, we generally just release compiled versions of our software, which you can run using IDL Virtual Machine (IDLVM). With IDLVM you Ydo not require a licensed copy of IDL. To download and install IDLVM go to the ITTVIS website HERE, download and install IDLVM. Then download the .sav files below. You should be able to then just double click on the .sav file and it should work. Again, let me know if you have any problems or questions.

IDL Compiled Programs for IDLVM





MuPlot and XMap Plotter-

These are updated routines that support our XMap based digital electronics. The XMap_Plotter link is the most recent stable version. The version labeled XMap_Plotter_Test is a beta version and may have bugs. Feel free to test it but let me know of any issues so I can fix them. MuPlot should support all versions of Mapping and XANES scans collected at X26A since we introduced HDF file format. It no longer supports the older XDR binary files. For those you should use the old X26A_Plot routine.


While MuPlot was written with the intention of supporting the netcdf files created using XMap flyscanning, this has proven difficult to continue to support in this way for the short-term. Thus for now, for FlyScan Data use the standalone XMap Plotter program. It is written to provide a standalone solution for processing and displaying Flyscan Data. The attached X-ray emission library, xrfpeak_library.txt, must reside in the same directory as xmap_plotter.sav. You will also find files to support detector efficiency corrections.

To run either of these programs, once you've installed IDLVM you can unzip the contents and double clicking the appropriate compiled .sav routine should start the program. Please let me know if there are things not working right. As with X26A_Plot, if you're running MuPlot or XMap Plotter and wish to use the additional color tables provides you'll also need to download the color table (colors1.tbl) and overwrite the file that comes with IDL.


March 2014

X26A Plot-

The X26A Plot program will allow you to plot all 1D and 2D ROI scan data ever collected at X26A in the BSIF data format. See the computing web page for details on its use. You'll need to have IDL VM installed as per the directions above. This is compiled using the recently released IDL version 6.3. I'd recommend folks migrate to IDL 6.3 when possible, since all future versions will be compiled in 6.3 (well...at least till 6.4 comes yet, eh). Once you've installed IDLVM you can unzip the .sav and double clicking on this file should start the program. Please let me know if there are things not working right. In order for the colors to work right you'll also need to download the color table (colors1.tbl) and overwrite the file that comes with IDL. So after installing IDLVM go to that directory (usually \RSI\IDL63) and find the subdirectory \resource\colors. Copy this file there. Then you're ready to go. Good luck!


June 2007

X27A Plot-

This is a version of our X26A Plot program compiled for beamline X27A at the NSLS. It supports their 13-element array detector, but many of the features specific for X26A (diffraction, SDD, etc.) are still enabled. This was compiled in IDL 6.3 and you must use that version of IDLVM for this to work properly.


June 2007

MCA Program-

This TAR compressed file contains the latest version of the MCA program for IDL written by Mark Rivers. Decompress the program to your IDL directory. Double clicking on the file mca.sav should allow it to run as an IDLVM routine. You'll need to set the environment variables on your system described HERE at the bottom of the page. The Specplot program is a routine I wrote to let you plot within Mark's MCA routine any individual spectra that is saved in the HDF file that's created when you collect a spectrum scan. The Fitpeaks_hdf program should let you create an hdf file containing peak areas of fits to given fluorescence lines in your spectra for use with x26a_plot. See the documentation for x26a_plot for details.


June 2005

Fluorescence Tomography-

This routine allows for reconstruction of fluorescence tomography data collected at X26A. Double clicking on the file x26a_tomo5.sav should allow it to run as an IDLVM routine. The latest version fixes some bugs that existed with the absorption correction algorithm, streamlines the layout of the widget, adds support for RGB plots, and begis the implementation of algorithms to reconstruct the full energy dispersive spectra on a pixel by pixel basis.


July 2007
















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