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X26A Pictures

This section contains images of the beamline that our users may find helpful. Hopefully this serves three purposes; to provide a visual record of the beamline to assist users in troubleshooting when we're not available, to provide beamline images for users to help them describe the setup of the X26A line to colleagues and in publications, and show off data collected at X26A.

Picture of the operations setup
  • Closeup View
  • Tony at the Beamline
  • Picture of the Hutch from outside
    Beamline upstream of the hutch
  • Slit Tank
  • Monochromator
  • Rendered design for new monochromator
  • Rendered design for new mono crystals
  • Rendered design for new mono tank
  • Old mono tank removed
  • New mono stand in place
  • New mono tank ready for installation
  • Positioning the new tank
  • New tank in position
  • Another view
  • It Fits!
  • Si(111) on its cooling block
  • Cooling block and goniometer in place
  • Another view
  • Final assembly with tank lid open
  • Final assembly with tank lid closed
  • Old Mono Tank, Side View
  • Old Mono Tank, Side View
  • Old Mono Tank, Top View
  • Bremsstrahlung Shield
  • Mirror Tank
  • Water Supplies
  • Vacuum Electronics
  • The Hutch Door
    The Emergency Stop Button
    Old Top View of Experimental Table

    Some newer views of the experimental table with KB He enclosure and Ge Array detector
  • Side View
  • Angled View
  • Top View

  • Some Old Side Views of the Experimental Table
  • View 1
  • View 2
  • View 3

  • Microbeam XRD Setup
  • Full View
  • Angled View
  • Side View
  • Top View

  • Hutch Electronics Rack
    The KB Mirrors
    Our Electronics Rack
  • Stepak
  • VME Crate
  • Other electronics at beamline

  • Interlock Panel

    Beamline X26A receives support the following organizations:

    Basic Energy Sciences Geosciences Research Program NSF Division of Earth Sciences

    NASA Space Sciences