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Requests can only be made by BNL Employees

Access to BNL is controlled by permitting entrance only to those persons who have official business at the Lab and only to those visitors who are properly sponsored by a BNL employee. Requests for individual visits and requests for properly approved events with multiple visitors are handled on separate forms.

  • Individual forms cannot be bookmarked, only this homepage can be bookmarked -
  • Non-U.S. citizens must complete the BNL Guest Registration Form to obtain a Lab guest number. Without a guest number, Non-U.S. citizens will not be able to be processed at the Laboratory's Main Gate.
  • All visitors to the Laboratory age 16 and over must bring a photo ID.
  • Who can access the Gate Access Forms?
  • Login & FAQ Information
    How to Login - Authorized users will be prompted with a login window when trying to access the forms listed below. After the window appears, users will then have to enter their BNL Domain username and password into the correct form fields. For Windows users, your BNL domain password is the same password used to login to your computer in most cases. Users working on a UNIX platform will not have to log off their existing computer to access these forms, but will have to use their correct BNL domain password. Accepted logins will then be directed to the selected form.

    Username Format: bnl\Username
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    Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing problems, please contact the Main Gate Visitors Center (631.344.4720 or 631.344.2464) for assistance.

 Visitor Notification Form  

individual visitorSponsors of individual visitors should be prepared to enter the following information: the name and company of visitor, visitor type, approximate time of arrival, start/end date, is the visitor a US citizen (if not, a Guest Number must be provided), the visitors point of contact(s) and their extension or alternate phone number for after hours, weekends and holidays, (i.e., home, cell phone, etc.), email and visitor's destination (building number upon arrival) is needed. Please Note: Notification forms may be submitted within 5 minutes before the arrival of the visitor.

Reasons for delays at the Main Gate

  1. Last minute submittal of the Notification Form.
  2. Failure to fill out Notification Forms accurately.
  3. Unannounced arrivals of visitors.
  4. Each individual visitor must be entered separately on a visitor form. Do not use comment line to add additional names.
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  Event Notification Form  

Event Notification

Please provide a minimum of 24 hour notice to allow for the coordination of appropriate badges. Employees that sponsor properly approved events are required to provide the following information: the event type, start and end dates, expected time of arrival, the event name and a brief description of the event, list of expected guests, approximate number of guests, guests’ destination (building where event will take place), and the event’s point of contact(s) information.

All events (open to the public or other) occurring at BNL where there is an anticipation of non-U.S. Citizen participation, must be pre-approved either individually in the Guest Registration System or on the Public Event Request Form by the Local Approving Authority. These approvals are required prior to submitting the Event Notification Form.

Reasons for delays at the Main Gate

  1. Failure to fill out Notification Form accurately.
  2. Last minute submittal of Notification Form.
  3. Unannounced arrivals of visitors.
  4. Approval for the Open to the Public Event Request Form must be obtained prior to declaring the event "Open to the Public".
  5. Input guest information in the field called "List of Guests". Do not use comment line to add "List of Guests" or additional names. Guest names have to be in alphabetical order.
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